Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1930, Alfa Romeo, Aymo Maggi, Brian Phipps, Conversions

1930 Alfa Romeo 6C-1750 GS Maggi

Like all of the 6C series, the 1930 6C-1750 Gran Sport (GS)  benefited from Vittorio Jano’s excellent engineering and design principles. It was an updated version of the 6C-1750 Super Sport from 1929 which had similar specification. Engine now developed 102 hp. New to the Gran Sport was shorter wheelbase that was reduced 50mm with shorter rear leaf springs. The slightly smaller fuel tank was repositioned behind the rear wheels and the battery box was moved from the fender to inside the cockpit. The first big win of the GS was at the 1930 Mille Miglia, where Tazio Nuvolari won in an epic duel with Achille Varzi.

At the 1930 Targa Florio the Alfa Romeo factory team had arrived with two 175 hp, eight-cylinder, 2.0-liter P2 Grand Prix cars and several 102 hp 6C-1750 GS sports cars. P2 cars were for the disposal by experienced Achille Varzi and Giuseppe Campari. The drivers of GS were Tazio Nuvolari, Count Aymo Maggi, and Pietro Ghersi. The Alfa Romeo team manager Aldo Giovannini and Vittorio Jano, designer and engineer, considered the Grand Prix cars as too dangerous for this circuit. It was decided to scrap the two P2’s and use the stripped six-cylinder 1750 cc sports cars instead. Varzi, who was driving at Targa for the first time, preferred the P2’s power advantage, while Campari, 38 years old, who driven in the Targa nine times since 1914,  took over Ghersi’s 1750 sports car. The race demonstrated that Varzi’s decision was right. He won ahead of Chiron and Conelli in Bugattis. Campari finished 4th, best of GS drivers.

Count Aymo Maggi in the second works GS car retired on the opening lap three kilometers from the start. Maggi was born in one of the most important families of the Brescia aristocracy. He was soon a passionate car racer, racing his first Grand Prix in 1922 and he won the Pontedecimo-Giovi hill climb in ​​1923 and the Gargnano-Tignale hill climb in 1924. In 1927 Maggi was one of the four creators and organizers of the Mille Miglia race. Maggi won several races in minor racing cars classes, and raced in Grand Prix until the 1930 season.

1930Grand PrixTarga Florio
Driver No.Entrant
Aymo Maggi10S.A. Alfa Romeo
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Brian Phipps / Metro Conversion
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Conversion of 1929 6C-1750 model by Metro from Alfa Romeo Sport Collection

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