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1959, AutoCult, Evgeniy Veretov, Moskvich

1959 Moskvich G2 Veretov

Moskvich G2  is a record and racing car designed by Igor Gladilin and Ivan Okunev, Russian MZMA factory designers. MZMA (Moskovsky Zavod Malolytrazhnykh Avtomobilei, Moscow Small Cars Plant) was one of the leading car manufacturers in the USSR. The car was built at the MZMA in 1956 in a single copy and was designated in the factory documentation as MZMA-2. The name “Moskvich G2” appeared few years later. Structurally, the car was identical to the Moskvich G1 built a year earlier and differed from the latter by a streamlined body with closed wheels and a more forced (up to 75 hp) 1091 cc engine of  “405” model. In 1956 Yuri Chvirov set three USSR speed for its class (class V, group I) driving G2.

In 1959, the car was modified from record to racing variant. Simultaneously with the Moskvich G1 modification, the 407G model 1358 cc engine, developing only 70 hp, was installed on the Moskvich G2. Brakes and suspension were also modified, aerodynamic cover of the cockpit was removed, and safety arc was installed. The maximal speed in the 1959  specification was 191 km/h, while with its initial engine it was 223 km/h. In 1959 racing driver Evgeniy Veretov from Moscow raced #16 Moskvich G2  in the USSR racing cars championship. It was a single race competition held on Minsk Ring, a 44 km road course near Minsk, Belorussia. The cars were divided into five classes – racing cars up to 1000 cc, racing cars up to 2500 cc, sports cars up to 1500 cc, 1500 – 2500  cc and over 2500 cc. Veretov, representing Trud Sporting Society, started in the 2500 cc racing cars class and won the race over five other participants. But due to insufficient number of starters the title of the USSR champion was not awarded officially in this class of racing cars.

1959USSR RacingUSSR Championship, Minsk Ring
Driver No.Entrant
Evgeniy Veretov16Trud
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
300 pcs Limited Edition

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