Williams FW17 was the first ‘clean sheet’ design from the team since 1991 – all 1991 – 1994 cars were evolutions of FW14. Designed by Adrian Newey and powered by Renault RS7 engine, FW17 was probably the best car of the year. It dominated on the qualifying taking 12 pole positions, but on race days Michael Schumacher on Benetton B195 was more competitive than Williams drivers Damon Hill, who was in his third season with the team, and David Coulthard, who was in his first full season in F1. Schumacher won 9 Grand Prix, while Williams duo scored only 5 victories (4 by Hill and 1 by Coulthard).

Driver No.Entrant
Damon Hill5Rothmans Williams Renault
Scale ManufacturerCollection
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