Grand Prix History in Scale Models

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1956 Kurtis Kraft 500D – Ferrari Farina

After unsuccessful debut at Indianapolis in 1952, Ferrari continued the attempts to conquer the Old Brickyard for several more years. One of 1952 drivers, Johnny Mauro, had entered his Ferrari for the 1953 Indy 500 again. It appeared in the entry list under number #47 but the car never arrived at the Speedway. The second attempt was made in 1954, when new Ferrari car (chassis 0388), named 375 Monoposto Indianapolis, was built, based on 375 chassis and fitted with a 4.5-litre V12, and sold to American Ferrari dealer Luigi Chinetti. The story is told that the car was scheduled to be driven by Gigi Villoresi, but he never arrived at Indy. The car was entered in the name of Chinetti’s wife Marion, numbered 47 and named Ferrari Special. Freddie Agabashian was one driver who gave the car a try but the car was said to handle badly, with a top speed that was too low. Other drivers, who attempted this car to qualify in 1954, as listed in various sources, were Bill Boyd and Danny Oakes.

The third Ferrari Indy project was started in 1955. The Italian office of the Bardahl oil company financed the construction of a Kurtis Kraft roadster to be powered by Ferrari engine. The chassis was brought over to Ferrari factory in Maranello where a six-cylinder engine of the Le Mans-type 121 was fitted to the car. The engine fuelled by three Weber carburetors had a capacity of 4412cc, well within the 4.5-litre limit, and provided an output of 360 – 380 hp at 6300 – 6500 rpm. The car was not ready to 1955 Indy 500, but next year Ferrari carrying Bardahl sponsorship appeared at Indianapolis qualification sessions. The car #9 entered as Bardahl-Ferrari was driven by 1950 World Champion Giuseppe “Nino” Farina. Experienced Farina was not familiar with driving on speedway and was unable quickly discover the way to drive fast at Indy. He used the brakes too much, wore them out way too fast and did not qualify for the race. Fred Agabashian also drove the car in practice in order to help Farina. Some sources also indicate that rookie Johnny Baldwin also practiced the car #9. But he attempted to qualify in 1954 V12 Monoposto, entered entered by Marian Chinetti as  Bardahl-Ferrari #91.

1956USAC National ChampionshipIndianapolis 500
Driver No.Entrant
Giuseppe Farina9Scuderia Ferrari
ChassisEngineCar Name
Kurtis KraftFerrariBardahl-Ferrari
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43TronGlamour Promo
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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