Grand Prix History in Scale Models

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1920 Frontenac Gaston Chevrolet

Gaston Chevrolet won the 1920 Indianapolis 500 in Frontenac car. Gaston started sixth and inherited the lead when mechanical problems slowed Ralph DePalma’s Ballot. The car, prepared by Gaston’s brothers Louis and Arthur, was manufactured by Frontenac Motor Corporation and was powered by 4-cylnder 183 cc Frontenac engine. Louis Chevrolet in a similar car also started the 1920 Indy 500, but retired in the first half of the race. Gaston Chevrolet died a few months later in a late-season race in Los Angeles in November 1920; he had already accumulated enough points to posthumously win the AAA national Championship.

 The Frontenac company was founded in 1915 and was joint venture of Louis Chevrolet, Indy 500 winner Joseph Boyer Jr., Indianapolis car dealer William Small, and Zenith Carburetor president Victor Heftler. Frontenac produced mostly racing cars used by many AAA drivers. In 1921, Frontenac won the Indy 500 again, this time at the hands of Tommy Milton. The company entered into a deal with Stutz Motor Company to build passenger cars. However, the deal quickly went wrong, and Frontenac Motors filed bankruptcy protection in 1923.

1920AAA National ChampionshipIndianapolis 500
Driver No.Entrant
Gaston Chevrolet4William Small Co.
ChassisEngineCar Name
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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