Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1952, Alfa Romeo, Consalvo Sanesi, Never raced, Villa Model

1952 Alfa Romeo 160 Sanesi

The Alfa Romeo 160 was a project of Alfa designer Giuseppe Busso,  supposed to replace the 159 for the 1952 Formula 1 championship. Busso designed a revolutionary car which had as frame a single longitudinal beam which supported the entire car. The driver was behind the rear wheels and the 12-cylinder boxer engine was part of the frame itself. The 160 was supposed to be 4WD, with the front transmission coming directly from the front of the engine, and the brakes were mounted inboard to improve the weight distribution. Some contemporary reports say that Alfa Romeo test driver Consalvo Sanesi tested the 160 in October 1952 in Monza and had lapped in 1m 59s, faster than  best lap that Fangio had recorded in 1951 (1m 55.3s) during the qualifying trials of the Italian Grand Prix at the wheel of 159. But there is not enough evidence not only of the appearance of the car, but also that it really existed. This model by Villa Models, as well as similar model by Jade Miniatures, are based on a fake photo.

1952F1Monza test
Driver No.Entrant
Consalvo Sanesi130Alfa Romeo SpA
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Villa Model
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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