Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2018, Max Verstappen, Minichamps, Red Bull

2018 Red Bull RB14 Vestappen

The RB14 was designed under the guidance of Adrian Newey, and was driven by Dutch wunderkind Max Verstappen and Australian jovial Daniel Ricciardo. The car was powered by Renault R.E. 18 turbocharged V6 engine – the last Red Bull to use customer Renault engines as the team switched to Honda power in 2019. Ricciardo had a brilliant start or the season winning in China and Monaco, but Verstappen gradually increased his power and at the end of the season fought on equal terms with Hamilton and Ferrari drivers. He won Austrian and Mexican Grand Prix and finished the season 4th scoring 249 points. Ricciardo was 6th with 170 points.

2018F1WCMexican GP
Driver No.Entrant
Max Verstappen33Aston Martin Red Bull Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
504 pcs. Limited Edition

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