Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1921, Duesenberg, Jimmy Murphy, M.A. Scale Models

1921 Duesenberg II Murphy

American Jimmy Murphy won 1921 Grand Prix de l’ACF (French Grand Prix) at Le Mans in Duesenberg, becoming first American to have won a Grand Prix race in an all-American car. Duesenberg Company founded in Indianapolis, Indiana, by German immigrant brothers Frederick and August Duesenberg, built road and racing cars which raced in Indianapolis and other AAA events since 1914. Murphy began his racing career as a riding mechanic, and raced as a driver in AAA championship since 1919 winning his first race in Beverly Hills in 1920. At Le Mans he drove 183 cubic inches (3.0-litres)  Duesenberg racer – the same car he raced in AAA – in a works team, sponsored by French immigrant Albert Champion to take part in French Grand Prix. The Duesenberg team entered for cars for Murphy,  French drivers Andre Dubonnet (finished 4th), Albert Guyot (6th), and American Joe Boyer (DNF). In 1922 Murphy won Indianapolis 500 and became 1922 and 1924 AAA champion. He died in a crash in dirt race at Syracuse, New York in September 1924.

1921GPGP de l’ACF
Driver No.Entrant
Jimmy Murphy12Duesenberg Brothers
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43M.A. Scale Models
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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