Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1935, Alfa Romeo, Tazio Nuvolari, Top Model Collection

1935 Alfa Romeo Bi-motore Nuvolari

Alfa Romeo Bi-motore  was designed by Luigi Bazzi and had been built by Ferrari in Modena in the beginning of 1935 with a body based on the 1934 streamliner.  Two Tipo-B 8-cylinder engines were positioned one in front of and one behind the driver. For the Tripoli Grand Prix in May 1935 which was run under Formula Libre rules,  Scuderia Ferrari entered two Bi-motore cars – the car driven by Tazio  Nuvolari featured two 3167 cc engines for a total of 6335cc giving 540 hp, while Louis Chiron’s Alfa had two 2905 cc engines for a total of 5811cc giving 510 hp. Both engines drove the rear wheels, and the load for the rear tyres was enormous. During the race Bi-motore drivers were forced to change rear tyres several times. By race end Nuvolari would claim fourth place followed by Chiron in a race won by Caracciola in Mercedes-Benz W25. Later that season Bi-motore by Nuvolari and Chiron started at Avusrennen. One of the few Bi-motore achievements came when Tazio Nuvolari set a new world record for the kilometer at 321km/h on the Florence Autostrada topping 208 mph at one point.

1935Grand PrixTripoli GP
Driver No.Entrant
Tazio Nuvolari42Scuderia Ferrari
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Top Model Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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