Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1938, Delahaye, Jade Miniatures, Laury Schell, Rene Dreyfus

1938 Delahaye 145 Schell / Dreyfus

Lucy O’Reilly, a daughter of an American multi-millionaire of Irish origin, met Laury Schell, an American who had lived in France since his early youth, on her trip to Europe after the First World War. Both were ardent racing enthusiasts and after they got married they settled in France. In the 1930s team Ecurie Bleue founded by Lucy O’Reilly-Schell, raced with Delahaye as semi-works team. Ecurie Bleue had a red and white victory stripe painted on all their cars against the French Blue national colors. In 1938 Delahaye started to develop a new 4.5 litre V12 engine and a new monoplace car, the Type 155. Meanwhile the team continued to use stripped Type 145 sports cars in GP racing. The chassis of the 145 was designed  by Vittorio Viotti from his Turin-based coach-building firm Carrozzeria Viotti. The V12 4496 cc engine developed 245 bhp, and the car weighted around 1100 kg had top speed over 230 kph. For the 1938 Trilopi Grand Prix Ecurie Bleue came with four cars and three drivers: Rene Dreyfus, Gianfranco Comotti and Laury Schell. Dreyfus and Comotti had open-wheeled cars, while Schell’s Delahaye featured  a streamlined body designed by Viotti. During practice Comotti destroyed his engine so Dreyfus let him have his car and took Schell’s #12 streamliner instead. The race was dominated by Mercedes-Benz W154 cars by Hermann Lang, Manfred von Brauchitsch and Rudolf Caracciola. Dreyfus finished 6th in the streamliner, while Comotti retired in the Delahaye 145 with conventional bodywork.

1938Grand PrixTripoli GP
Driver No.Entrant
layry Schell / Rene Dreyfus12Usines Bugatti
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Jade Miniatures
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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