Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1989, Andrey Puzyrev, AvtoBuro, Truck Racing, ZiL

1989 ZiL-4421S Puzyrev

Russian ZiL (Zavod imeny Lichacheva, Likhachov Plant), was one of the biggest truck manufacturer in the Soviet Union. In the late 1980s – early 1990s ZiL, as some other Russian truck builders, played with the truck racing, entering the European truck racing scene. ZiL debuted in 1989 and raced as works team until 1994, longer than other ex-Soviet truck teams. Obviously, the entry gate for ZiL was the races held in socialist Hungary, were MAZ debuted in 1987 and KAMAZ in 1988. Two ZiL-4421S (Sport) trucks driven by Nikolay Ivanov and Andrey Puzyrev started in the 1989 Hungarocamion Truck Trophy, 3rd round of the 1989 ETRA Championship. There were a lot of Eastern Block trucks and drivers at the Hungaroring including Soviet MAZ, KAMAZ and ZIL, Hungarian Raba, Polish Jelcz and Star, Yugoslavian FAP. Ivanov finished 21st and last in the first race of Class A and retired in the second. Puzyrev did not finish in both heats. Later that season Puzyrev and Alexander Markin also started in the non-championship Pirelli Truck Cup held at Hockenheim in October. The scale model made by Ukrainian workshop AvtoBuro from Kharkov represents the truck driven by Puzyrev at this Hockenheim race.

1989ETRA Non-championshipPirelli Truck Cup, Hockenheim
Driver No.Entrant
Andrey Puzyrev99ZiL
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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