Grand Prix History in Scale Models


Portegies, formerly Portegies Perspectief  BV, was originally a drafting agency, founded in 1968 by Th.AM Portegies . The Dutch company  later developed into a full-fledged visual communication agency. One of the larger clients was DAF, for which Portegies took care of almost all the technical drawings, exploded views , manuals and cutaway airbrush drawings. In 1985, Portegies under the brand Portegies Truck Models also started producing the Paris-Dakar miniatures for DAF due to its extensive involvement with DAF . Initially, these miniatures were based on existing models from and in collaboration with Lion Cars, and soon after, Portegies started manufacturing  100% own models in 1:50 scale. Portegies went bankrupt in 1991, which was largely attributable to the bankruptcies of the major clients DAF and Fokker.

Portegies models in Formula143 Collection

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