Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1959, Brumm, Cooper, Stirling Moss

1959 Cooper T51 Moss

Cooper T51 has brought two consecutive Driver’s titles to Jack Brabham as well as two Constructors’ championships to Cooper Car Company in the 1959-1960 Formula 1 seasons. It is hard to imagine in today’s reality that the best Formula 1 car could be available not only to works team but virtually to any private entrant who was able to buy this relatively inexpensive machine. For instance, in 1959 T51 besides the factory team was used by more than a dozen of custom teams and private entrants. Among them was the most successful private F1 team of all times – Rob Walker Racing Team. The team was founded in 1953 by Johnnie Walker heir Rob Walker and raced until 1970. R.R.C. Walker Racing team still holds title of the only entrant to win a World Championship Formula One Grand Prix without ever building their own car. During  1958-1960 Rob Walker Team had a long-term partnership with Stirling Moss as a main driver, and with Cooper Car Company as car supplier. In 1959 season this partnership led to two victories by Moss at Portugal and Italian Grand Prix and to his 3rd position in the World Drivers’ Championships. This scale model by Brumm from exclusive “’50’s British Champions”  series, Set No .2 Brooks/Moss, reproduces Moss’ victorious car from Monaco Grand Prix. See also T51 model by IXO from Formula 1 Auto Collecion.

1959F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Stirling Moss30R.R.C. Walker Racing Team
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Brumm ’50’s British Champions Set n.2 Brooks / Moss
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 91 out of Limited Edition
of 1000 distributed
exclusively by Modeltime Ltd. UK

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