Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2000, Jean Alesi, Minichamps, Prost

2000 Prost AP03 Alesi

Prost AP03 designed by the collective efforts of Alan Jenkins, Loic Bigois and John Barnard, was another disappointment for the team’s boss. The car was powered by Peugeot A20 engine. Troubles and weakness of the engine was the apparently cause of the AP03’s uncompetitive performance and the immediate reason of Peugeot’s withdrawal  from F1 as an engine supplier after the season. Even huge experience of Jean Alesi, who was joined the team after several years in Sauber, was not enough to save the season. Alesi and his teammate Nick Heidfeld failed to score a single point.

Driver No.Entrant
Jean Alesi14Gauloises Prost Peugeot
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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