Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1899, Gobron-Brillie, RAMI

1899 Gobron-Brillie

French automobile company Gobron-Brillie was founded by engineer Eugene Brillie and industrialist Gustave Gobron in Boulougne, Boulougne-sur-Seine, near Paris, in 1898. Brillie had developed an unusual type of internal-combustion engine, with two opposed pistons within each cylinder. Gobron, who was the member of the National Assembly, the lower house of French Parliament, provided the funding and management to create a partnership car manufacturing  company. In early 1900s company was actively involved in motor racing. First time Gobron-Brillie  run their 1899 cars in April 1900 in Coupe de l’Alcohol race from Paris to Rouen, where only permitted fuel was alcohol. The race was won by Etienne Girardot on Panhard-Levassor car while Gobron-Brillie driven by company cofounders finished 3rd. Second works entry was provided to Madame Suzanne Gobron who completed the full 126 km distance and was placed 7th among 33 finishers.

1899City to City
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