Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2002, Mark Webber, Minardi, Minichamps

2002 Minardi PS02 Webber

Minardi PS02 was the Faenza team F1 car for the 2002 season. The PS02 was designed by Gabriele Tedozzi and was powered by Asiatech AT02 V10 engine. Minardi drivers for the season were Malaysian Alex Young who debuted in Formula 1 in Minardi in the previous season, and Australian rookie Mark Webber. Young came to Minardi with the financial support from Malaysian government, and car was decorated with a slogan “go KL”. Russian Gazprom company also put some money into the team for providing a test pilot’s seat for Sergey Zlobin, first Russian driver appeared in F1, although not participating in the Grand Prix. Webber, whose car is this Minichamps model, was so competitive and lucky that he took the 5th place at his very first race at his home Australian Grand Prix. These 2 points were the only ones earned by the team in 2002.

Driver No.Entrant
Mark Webber23KL Minardi Asiatech
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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