Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1994, Johnny Herbert, Lotus, Onyx

1994 Lotus 107C Herbert

The 107 was designed by Chris Murphy in 1992. ‘B’ specification was used in 1993, and ‘C’ raced in first 6 races in 1994. The major changes in 107C comparing to initial 107 and 107B were new Mugen-Honda V10 engine instead of old Ford HB, and traditional double wishbones and pushrods in place of active suspension. Johnny Herbert and Alessandro Zanardi were not able to score even a point, both on 107C and on 109 which was used by Herbert starting from Spanish Grand Prix, 5th round of the Championship and by Zanardi two races later from French Grand Prix. This particular scale model by Onyx is especially remarkable for Formula143 Collection: it was the first model of the collection. I bought it in Estoril Circuit during Portuguese Grand Prix 1994, not even having in mind an idea of collection. The regular collecting of racing car models was started only 13 years later.

Driver No.Entrant
Johnny Herbert12Team Lotus
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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