In 1938 Maserati works team returned to GP racing with their new Maserati 8CTF 3-litre Grand Prix formula car. A new eight cylinder engine was developed based upon the engine in the 4CM 1500 voiturette car. Like that twin-cam engine, the 3 litre ‘eight’ used a fixed cylinder head or ‘testa fissa’, which also explains the 8CTF type indication. Two Roots superchargers were bolted onto the nose of the engine. At the car’s debut, the big ‘eight’ produced 350 bhp which was later upgraded to 365 bhp. The new car proved to be extremely fast and able to challenge the Germans on equal terms but sadly the car also proved to be very fragile. Maserati drivers lineup for 1938 was Count Carlo Felice  Trossi, Goffredo Zehender, Luigi Villoresi and Achille Varzi. Brumm describe this scale model as Maserati 8CLT Tripoli GP 1938. Of course, it is 8CTF, not 8CLT, but at Triopli two 8CTF were entered as #10 (Varzi) and #28 (Trossi). According to my records, 8CTF did not use #44 in 1938-30 GP racing.

1938Grand Prix
Driver No.Entrant
44Officine A. Maserati
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity