Oreste Berta, Argentinian engineer and car designer, made his first racing car in 1969. It was Berta LR model for sport prototypes racing. The car debut took place at 1974 Buenos Aires 1000 km race. Berta received financial support from the newspaper “La Razón”, which motivated the addition of the initials “LR” to the prototype. In 1974, Berta designed single-seater racing car for US Formula 5000, with the sponsorship of Francisco Mir, an Argentine engineer based in the United States.  The car never actually raced after being tested at Riverside by Nestor Garcia Veiga. Francisco Mir Racing Team continued in 1974 F5000 with Eagle-Chevy and Lola-Chevy cars driven by Garcia Veiga and others including James Hunt, Lella Lombardi, John Morton and Elliot Forbes-Robinson. Berta then planned to convert the F5000 LR to F1 specifications  taking into account the potential advantages of its low weight (620kgs). On December 16, the car was wheeled out for a first test session, with Garcia Veiga at the wheel. The car was powered by Berta self-built engine with the output of just 400 bhp. The chassis design was inspirited by Brabham BT34. Berta even made an entry for Garcia Veiga for 1975 Argentinian and Brazilian Grand Prix and Veiga tested the car in December 1974 on the Autodromo Municipal in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately, the engine was heavy, not very reliable and especially not very powerful. In spite of the attempts to improve it, the engine was still not ready for the first GP of the year. It was therefore withdrawn before the Argentine Grand Prix, not even featuring on the entry lists.  Nestor Garcia Veiga decided to return to national racing. He has raced in the Turismo Nacional Series up to 1981 and in the Argentine Drivers Championship in 1982 – 1986. On the national scene he has a very impressive  race record of 175 entries, 28 wins and 57 podium finishes.

1974F1Buenos Aires Testing
Driver No.Entrant
Nestor Garcia VeigaOreste Berta
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1:43Villa Model
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