Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1997, Jos Verstappen, Onyx, Tyrrell

1997 Tyrrell 025 Verstappen

Tyrrell 025 designed by Harvey Postlethwaite was the further evolution of 024 from the previous season. The major revision was the replacement of very unreliable Yamaha V10  engine with Ford V8. The car was driven by Finn Mika Salo and Dutch Jos Verstappen, who moved from Footwork. The drivers duo was fast, the car was well balanced but the lack of power restricted them to the battles at the back of  the grid. Tyrrell drivers were able to compete for high positions only at slow circuits. The only 2 points for Tyrrell were brought by Salo in Monaco when he managed to finish 5th. Verstapeen’s best finish was 8th position in the same race. Despite a disappointing season, as ever Tyrrell used a fair degree of technical innovation. On high-downforce circuits (such as Monaco and Imola), two additional wings were installed on either side of the cockpit. X-wings on Verstappen’s car was painted yellow and Salo’s dark orange to distinguish between two drivers – the feature which was introduced later by other teams with different colors of top camera. The “X-wings” would be banned during 1998 after safety concerns in the pitlane. The scale model by Onyx represents Verstappen’s car with X-wings from San Marino GP.

1997F1WCSan Marino GP
Driver No.Entrant
Jos Verstappen18PIAA Tyrrell Ford
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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