Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1953, Cooper, Formula 2, Horace Gould, K&R Replicas

1953 Cooper T23 Gould

Cooper T23 – Bristol, or Cooper-Bristol MkII, built by Cooper Cars in 1953 was the further development of T20 (MkI)  from 1952. The T23 had many improvements, such as a lighter tubular frame and larger brakes. The 11-inch Alfin light-alloy drum brakes of MkII were very significant improvement because drum brakes of the MKI had been one of the vehicles achilles heal. The body was slightly redesigned, making it smoother and more aerodynamic. T23 was powered by the same  Bristol engines as T20.  The car failed to score any championship points during the 1953 season, but was used extensively in many non-championship races by lot of private drivers and teams. One of these privateers was Horace Gould from Bristol, who entered his cars as Gould’s Garage (Bristol). This scale model produced by K&R Replicas represents Gould’s T23 from I London Trophy. The race was held in Crystal Palace on 19 September 1953. Both heats of the race were won by Stirling Moss on Cooper-Alta t24, while Gould was 5th in Heat 1 and 4th in Heat 2.

1953F2London Trophy
Driver No.Entrant
Horace Gould6Gould’s Garage (Bristol)
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43K&R Replicas
Cat. No.QualityRarity
Factroy built kit

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