Derrington-Francis Racing Team was founded by Stirling Moss’ former chief mechanic, Alf Francis, and engine tuner Vic Derrington in 1964. Team acquired an old ATS Tipo 100, a car ran by Automobili Turismo e Sport, after the ATS operation had closed in 1963. The original ATS Tipo 100 was designed by Carlo Chitti, had a pencil thin body and weighted less than 1000 pounds. The car was powered by ATS V8 1,494cc engine, which featured fuel injection and double-overhead camshafts. The transmission was a 6-speed Colotti gearbox. Suspension consisted of rockers arms with inboard coils for the front, and double wishbones with coils for the rear, while disc brakes were mounted inboard. In 1964 the car was modified by Derrington-Francis, which used all of the Tipo 100 running gear, which was fitted in a new, shorter spaceframe chassis. The engine was equipped with a Lucas Fuel Injection system, which added another 10 bhp to the performance. The only race for this vehicle was Italian GP 1964 where Portuguese driver Mário de Araújo Cabral qualified the car on the 19th place of the 20 car grid. Ignition problems caused the car to retire after just 25 laps. Portuguese commonly known by the nickname “Nicha” Cabral had couple of F1 starts in 1959-61 for Scuderia Centro Sud before his career was interrupted by National Service which he spent as a paratrooper in Angola. In 1963 he returned to racing for a while  with Centro Sud. The Derrington-Francis Monza start was the final episode oh his F1 career.

1964F1WCItalian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Mario Cabral50Derrington-Francis Racing Team
Scale ManufacturerCollection
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Kit built by Villa Model