Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2001, Arrows, Enrico Bernoldi, Minichamps

2001 Arrows A22 Bernoldi

This car was an evolution of A21, a car that performed very well in the 2000 season. The A21 was designed by Mike Caughlan and Sergio Rinland, while Eghbal Hamidy, the talented aerodynamicist who put the major efforts to A21, left the team. The second major factor was the change of the engine suppliers for the second year in a row. The Supertec engines of 2000 were replaced by Asiatech. This in effect was the previous year’s Peugeot engine, developed by the same staff with an investment from Asia.   Due to many engine issues, 40 unplanned engine changes over the year had to take place, limiting test time and producing early retirements in races. Additionally, the team made the decision to equip the car with a very small fuel tank, as they expected the new tires to have more grip but degrade faster. Michelin however produced the best of both worlds, after which Bridgestone adapted their philosophy. Mike Coughlan claims that their smaller fuel tank cost the team several points during the season. Experienced Jos Verstappen teamed up with the Brazilian Enrique Bernoldi, who progressed  from F3000 and from the position of F1 test driver at Sauber. Young Brazilian was quite impressive in qualifying and often outqualified Verstappen, but the Dutchman’s race pace was much quicker by comparison. Verstappen scored the only point for Arrows in 2001 finishing 6th at Austrian Grand Prix. The best finish for Bernoldi was 8th place in Germany, but his most spectacular performance was at Monaco where the Brazilian held up the much faster David Coulthard for 35 laps. After a botched start, Coulthard had been fighting his way through the field, only to be stuck behind the Arrows. Bernoldi was also publicly criticized by his team mate Verstappen who labeled him “the worst team mate I’ve ever had”. But it was Bernoldi who was retained by Arrows for 2002, while Verstappen was out of the F1 rosters for the next season.

Driver No.Entrant
Enrico Bernoldi15Orange Arrows Asiatech
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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