2009 season of Formula One saw the introduction of many new rules. Among important new regulations to encourage overtaking there were engine RPM limits, an adjustable front wing, and disproportionate wing sizes. Engine RPM reached 20,000 rpm in previous seasons and were initially limited to 19,000 rpm for 2009 (with further lowering to 18,000 from 2010 to 2013). The most significant system introduced in F1 in 2009 was the Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), a system that stores energy, created by braking, through a flywheel; this energy is then channeled to the car’s drivetrain to increase acceleration. So the new R29 was completely new car built by Renault according 2009 F1 regulations. The chassis  was a moulded carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque, with engine incorporated as a fully stressed member. The power was provided by Renault F1 RS27 2400 cc V8 engine with KERS. The chassis was designed by Bob Bell, Tim Densham and Dirk de Beer with Executive Director  Pat Symonds overseeing the design and production of the car. Rob White led the engine design. Renault retained the drivers from the previous year – two-times World Champion Fernando Alonso and son of 3-times champion Nelson Piquet Jr. Nevertheless, the car proved to be non-competitive – R29 was inefficient in aerodynamics and lacked the pace. Alonso scored points in eight races and took one pole position (in Hungary) and one podium result: a third-place finish at Singapore Grand Prix. His teammate Piquet Jr failed to score any points in first 14 rounds and was replaced by team test driver Romain Grosjean for the remainder of the season. When Piquet left the team he heavily criticized the team and his former boss Flavio Briatore. Piquet reveled to the Brazilian press the details of his crash at Singapore Grand Prix in 2008 when he was ordered by the team to deliberately crash to give an advantage to Alonso. The rest of the 2009 season was crumpled by this scandal and proceedings. ING group, the main sponsor, immediately terminated the contract, and so did Alonso who had a mid-2009 agreement with Ferrari for a three-year contract to commence from the 2011 season before, but moved it to 2010 after Renault “Crashgate”. In the final driver’s standings of 2009 Championship Alonso was ninth, his lowest placing since he came sixth in the 2003 season.

Driver No.Entrant
Fernnado Alonso7ING Renault F1 Team
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1:43Provence Moulage
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