During a reasonably weak season of 2009 with the only one win and 4th position in the Constructors Championship, Scuderia Ferrari switched to the development of 2010 car, the F10. The chassis was designed by Aldo Costa, Nikolas Tombazis and Marco de Luca with Luca Marmorini leading the engine and electronics design. It is clear that the Ferrari designers paid attention to Adrian Neweys Red Bull Technologies RB5/STR4 from 2009 and it would have had access to at least some of its on track data via its engine supply deal with Scuderia Toro Rosso. The upper side of F10 was a copy of the Red Bull RB5’s V-nose concept, with the outer edges of the nose higher than the central part. The F10 was an extremely long car. While Ferrari have not officially unveiled any dimensions of the car, image comparisons have shown that it is even longer than the Renault R30 which was 5050 mm long. The F10 used the same Ferrari Type 056 2.4 L 800 horsepower V8 engine limited to  18000 rpm as its predecessor Ferrari F60. But the KERS system used in 2009 was gone in order to fit larger fuel tanks because the 056 engine has a higher fuel consumption than other F1 units and this could be the cars main problem, especially at the start of the race. Fernando Alonso who joined Ferrari as new team leader declared after first tests that the F10 was the best car he had ever driven. Fernando has confirmed his feelings by victory of his very first race for Scuderia, Bahrain Grand Prix, where F10 finished 1-2 in hands of Alonso and Felipe Massa. But then during the first half of the Championship Red Bull drivers Vettel and Webber seized the lead. Ferrari continued to develop the car throughout the season. Most important Ferrari’s inseason introduction were F-duct, copied from McLaren, and the exhaust blown diffuser, following Red Bull Racing’s design. The F-duct, an aerodynamic aid which causes the rear wing to enter a stalled state at high speed, reducing aerodynamic drag and increasing straight line speed, was introduced in Spanish Grand Prix, first round in Europe. Then at the European Grand Prix Ferrari introduced the blown diffuser. The hard work on car development paid off in the second half of the season – Alonso won 4 races. But that was not enough to secure the title. At the last round of the season in Abu Dhabi Alonso was unable to find a way past Vitaly Petrov in Renault and so finished seventh, handing the title to Vettel by four points.

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Fernando Alonso8Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro
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1:43Hot WheelsFerrari F1 Collection
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