Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1960, Chuck Daigh, Motorkits, Scarab, Villa Model

1960 Scarab F1 Daigh

Scarab was an American sports car and open-wheel race car constructor. The cars  were designed and built by Tom Barnes and Dick Troutman for Reventlow Automobiles Inc, owned by Lance Reventlow. Reventlow was the heir to the Woolworth fortune, the only child of heiress Barbara Hutton, and stepson of Prince Igor Troubetzkoy, winner of the 1948 Targa Florio. In 1958 Reventlow had made quite an impact in American sports car racing with his V8-engined Scarab sports cars outclassed many established manufacturers like Ferrari and Maserati. The success of first Scarab promoted him to the idea to create the all-American designed and built Formula 1 car. The chassis designed by Marshall Whitfield  was wholly conventional steel spaceframe chassis, suspension was by double wishbones and coil springs on all four corners. The all-aluminium 2.5-litre L4 was built by Leo Goossen from Offenhauser and  followed the familiar Offenhauser pattern. The drivers of course have to be Americans. Lance himself and Chuck Daigh who was one of the Scarab engineers and had some experience in American sports car and open-wheel racing.  The car debuted at the 1960  Monaco Grand Prix where both Reventlow and Daigh failed to qualify. Then both Scarabs retired from the Belgian Grand Prix, and only in the last race of the season in the 1960 USA Grand prix at Riverside Daigh was able to reach the finish on 10th position. It was the last appearance in the world Championship race for Scarab. In 1961 Reventlow had plans to build rear-engined F1 Scarab, and the prototype actually was built, but Reventlow lost his interest to motor racing, and in 1962 he shut down the operation. As to Daigh, in 1961 he continued to race front-engined Scarab in European races run under so called Intercontinental Formula, because its 2.5-litres engine did not fit with the new Formula One regulations. Daigh raced Scarab until he wrote it off in a big shunt at practice for the 1961 British Empire Trophy at Silverstone.

1960F1WCBelgian GP
Driver No.Entrant
Chuck Daigh30Reventlow Automobiles Inc.
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Motorkits / Villa Model
Cat. No.QualityRarity
CS14 / VM261
Motorkits kit built by Villa Model

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