Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1993, Mclaren, Michael Andretti, Minichamps

1993 McLaren MP4/8 Andretti

After the 1992 season McLaren’s engine supplier Honda left Formula One putting the end to the successful 5-year alliance with McLaren. McLaren had to rely on customer Ford V8 engine which was only rated at around 680 bhp compared to the 700 bhp of the works Ford engine in the Benetton, and 760 bhp of Renault used by Williams and the 740 bhp of V12 Ferraris. Later the season McLaren were able successfully lobby Ford to provide engines of equal-spec to Benetton from Silverstone onward. The change in the drivers’ roster was also quite significant. Triple World Champion Ayrton Senna stayed with McLaren for the 6th season, while Gerhard Berger left the team for Ferrari. The Austrian was replaces by the Indy   Car star Michael Andretti, PPG Indy Car World Series champion of the 1991 and the son of Mario Andretti. The arrival of Andretti to F1 just confirmed the rule – the newcomers from the other side of the ocean can’t quickly adapt to F1. The season was a complete disaster for Andretti – lot of retirements and just a couple of top-6 finishes comparing to three victories and very reliable drive by Senna. Only when McLaren and Andretti already decided to say goodbye to each other, Michael achieved his best result and his only podium in F1 finishing 3rd at Monza in the Italian Grand Prix. For the rest of the season the American champion was replaced by Mika Hakkinen who started his way to the top by scoring 3rd place in Japanese grand Prix, his second start with McLaren.

Driver No.Entrant
Michael Andretti7Marlboro McLaren
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43MinichampsMcLaren Collection no. 2
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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