Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1878, Amedee Bollee, Bollee, RAMI

1878 Bollee La Mancelle

Amedee Bollee, one of the French automobile pioneers, constructed the steam-powered vehicles since 1870s. His first steam car the L’Obéissante (The Obedient) was manufactured in 1873 and made the first road trip between Paris and Le Mans in 18 hours. La Mancelle, built in 1878, was Bollee’s second construction. La Mancelle often considered as the first serial automobile with about 50 vehicles manufactured. It was not a racing car (there were no such entity then), and it did not participated in city to city runs, but La Mancelle was the prototype for many steam cars of the end of XIX century which were used in early runs and races. Bollee’s latest steam cars were seen in major motor racing events of the period, including the first true race Paris-Bordeaux-Paris in 1895, Paris-Marseilles-Paris in 1896, and Paris-Amsterdam-Paris in 1898. The original La Mancelle is preserved in the collection of Le Mans 24 hours race museum.

Driver No.Entrant
Amedee Bollee
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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