Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1902, Jakana, Mors, Pierre de Caters

1902 Mors Z de Caters

In the beginning of 1900s the principal rivals in major motor racing events were Panhard Levassor and Mors companies. In 1901 Mors dominated the scene when Henri Fournier in 60 hp Mors won both biggest city-to-city races of the year – Paris – Bordeaux and Paris – Berlin races. Panhard Levassor in its hand took II Coupe Internacionale (II Gordon Bennett Trophy) with Leon Girardot. In 1902 new formula for Heavy Racing Cars Class was introduced (1,000 kilogram weight limit plus an extra 7 kilograms for magneto ignition) in an attempt to reduce the furious speeds of 1901. Manufacturers responded with more horsepower than ever in ultra light chassis. Mors Z built according to heavy cars restrictions was powered by 9236 cc four-cylinder engine with magneto ignition developing 60 hp at 1400 rpm. Not matching the prodigious power of Panhard, Mors chose a more conservative approach: “pneumatic” shock absorbers for better handling and a mechanically efficient direct drive top gear to redress Panhard’s horse power advantage. In the major race of 1902, Paris – Vienna, the squad of six Mors Z cars appeared driven by Henri Fournier, Fernand Gabriel, Baron Pierre de Caters, Augieres, Foxhall Keene, and  Charles Rolls. Henri Fournier took the early lead and covered first 140 km to Troyes with the average speed of 114 kph. Despite such a brave start, 4 out of 6 Mors entries retired. The best car on the finish, that of the Baron de Caters, was placed 9th. The handbuilt model by Jakana is based on de Caters’ car which survived today and is on display in the Miles Collier Collections at Revs Institute in Naples, Florida, USA.

1902City to CityParis – Vienna
Driver No.Entrant
Pierre de Caters3
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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