During 1904 Paul Ribeyrolles, an engineer at Pierre-Alexandre Darracq, developed a race car with a light chassis and a large 11.259 liter four-cylinder engine developing 100 hp. With this car, factory driver Paul Baras regained the world speed record set by Louis Rigolly in alcohol-powered Gobron-Brillié. In July 1904 in the coastal town of Ostend, Belgium, Baras flew a kilometer at 104.52 mph, nearly 1 mph faster than Rigolly had done a few months earlier. For the next year Darracq entrusted Ribeyrolles to create an even more powerful car. With an all-new V8 engine delivering 200 hp, it was by far the most powerful racing car in the world for a number of years back then. At the end of December 1905, on the Arles-Salon road in southern France, the desperate Victor Hémery set a new land speed record, stopping the clock at 20 3/5 seconds and reaching a speed of 108.59 mph.

1905Speed Record TrialsArles Speed Record Trial
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Victor Hemery
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