The G1 was the first car produced under Alfa Romeo brand after the previous brand A.L.F.A was disappeared. The car was designed by Giuseppe Merosi based on 1914 40-60  hp racing ALFA. The chassis was lengthened and strengthened, and was fitted with a new 6.3 liter six-cylinder engine, which was directly positioned above the front axle. With a performance of 70 hp Alfa Romeo assured a top speed of almost 140 km/h for the G1. A total of 52 cars left the production facilities, including 2 prototypes built in 1920. Alfa Romeo did not find a buyer in its home country and all 50 production cars (excepting 2 prototypes) was thereafter exported to Australia. Only one car (chassis number 6018) survived in Queensland for many decades. In 2007 restored car was sold to the Alfa Romeo importer of New Zealand. In 2012 it was sold to California, rebuilt from a “sedan”/torpedo to a “tipo corsa” (race car), and in 2018 it was auctioned for USD 445,000. It is the oldest surviving Alfa Romeo-branded car.  The G1 never raced in contemporary races. After the rebuilding the car was present in 2000s at some historical racing events including 2014 Mille Miglia. The scale model by Rio represents the #11 car as raced in 2014. The model of #11 G1 was also issued by Autocult.

1921FL / Historic Racing
Driver No.Entrant
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Rio Models
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