Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1963, BRM, Lorenzo Bandini, Spark

1963 BRM P57 Bandini

The P57 was used in two first seasons of 1.5-liter Formula 1. Designed by Tony Rudd, P57 in 1961 (referred as P48/57) was powered by custom Coventry-Climax Straight 4 engine while own BRM 1.5-lirtre motor was still in development. For 1962 new BRM V8 producing 190 horsepower was ready, while  tubular spaceframe and suspension remained unchanged. For the 1963 season BRM works team, Owen Racing Organization, run the P57 for the third year. To keep the P57 competitive, a 6 speed gearbox was mounted to the engine, which also featured a new injection system. A client car was also provided to private Scuderia Centro Sud team with Lorenzo Bandini. For 1963 Bandini was retained by Ferrari for sports car races only, but found a seat in F1 in Centro Sud, one of the strongest private F1 team ran by  Guglielmo “Mimmo” Dei. Bandini raced for Centro Sud in red-painted BRM in three Grand Prix in 1963 – in France, Great Britain and Germany. At the British Grand Prix Lorenzo he finished 5th marking the best result of the season both for him and for Scuderia Centro Sud.

1963F1WCBritish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Lorenzo Bandini3Scuderia Centro Sud
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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