Peter Broeker moved from Germany to Canada with his family at the end of World War II. He opened the Stebro Garage in Montreal in the fifties, entering the motor sport with supplying the customized exhaust systems for racing cars. In 1960 Broeker constructed his first racing car, front-engined Formula Junior Stebro Mark I. After few years and few more cars, a Stebro Mark IV was built over the winter in 1962 and 1963. It was a Stebro Formula Junior chassis, fitted with Ford engine. It featured a space frame chassis made of thin wall chrome-moly tubing. The body was clothed in aluminum and original powered by a modified Ford FJ engine mated to a Hewland MKIV five speed gearbox, which later was replaced by more powerful 1500cc five bearing Ford 105E block. Broeker entered this car for himself at the 1963 United State Grand Prix held in Watkins Glen. In the qualifying he was 21th and last, 15 seconds slower than pole sitter Graham Hill in BRM. In the race Broeker was classified as high as 7th, albeit 22 laps down. German-born Broeker thus was first Canadian ever to compete in a World Championship Formula One race, while the Stebro was the first and only Canadian-built car in F1. In 1964 Broeker raced the Mk IV in inaugural European Championship Formula II season, then for the next three years, the car scored over 100 victories in North American Formula Libre and Formula B class races. Broeker raced the Mk IV until 1968 when it was crashed in St. Jovite in September 1968.

Driver No.Entrant
Peter Broeker21Canadian Stebro Racing
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1:43Villa Model
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Built kit