Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1979, Geoff Lees, Spark, Tyrrell

1979 Tyrrell 009 Lees

Tyrrell 009 designed by Maurice Philippe was typical F1 car of the period featuring ground effect tubular  monococque chassis, 3-liter Ford Cosworth FFV V8 engine, and  Hewland  6-speed manual gearbox. Despite its standard features, the car was quite competitive – Didier Pironi and Jean-Pierrre Jarrier scored 2 podiums each and finished the season in 10th and 11th positions with 14 points each. Englishman Geoff Lees replaced Jarier for German GP and finished 7th in the race.

1979F1WCGerman GP
Driver No.Entrant
Geoff Lees4Candy Team Tyrrell
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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