Ensign N180 designed by Ralph Bellamy and Nigel Bennett was completely new design comparing to its predecessor, N179. Inspired by Williams FW07, Ensign designers used   in-board suspension on all four corners and a relatively long wheelbase in order to maximise the area available for the underbody ground-effect venturis. Like most other cars on the grid, the new N180, painted in Unipart colors of red, white and blue, was powered by the latest evolution of the Cosworth DFV engine. In 1980 Clay Regazzoni again joined Ensign but at Long Beach Regazzoni’s brake pedal broke causing him to go straight on at the Queen’s Hairpin crashing into the parked car of Ricardo Zunino leaving him paralyzed. Tiff Needell raced in Belgium, but failed to qualify for the Monaco Grand Prix. Jan Lammers took over for the remainder of the season with a 12th the best result. In the Dutch and Italian Grand Prix Geoff Lees drove a second N180.

1980F1WCBritish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Jan Lammers14Unipart Racing Team
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