The 312T5 was the final version of the 312T car, raced by Scuderia Ferrari since 1975. The 1980 season saw further aerodynamic progress by Cosworth DFV teams, and a heavily updated version of the 312T4, the 312T5 was introduced at the start of the season. The car was unreliable, slow, and ineffective against the competition. The other constructors’ cars got better throughout the season whereas the 312T5’s development virtually went nowhere – the car became less and less competitive over the season. For the first time since 1973, Ferrari did not win a race for an entire season, and the team finished 10th in the Constructors’ Championship. Reigning World Champion Jody Scheckter even failed to qualify in Canada and, after only managing 2 points, retired from the sport at the end of the year. The specification of 312T5 used in Monaco Grand featured   a specially commissioned pair of front and rear wings, both designed to interact more effectively with the bodywork at lower speeds, improving downforce and agility. The car’s wheelbase was also ajustable, moving the front wheel axle line in an attempt to make the car more nimble through the low speed corners.

1980F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Jody Scheckter1Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity