Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2004, Jaguar, Mark Webber, Minichamps

2004 Jaguar R5 Webber

The R5 was the last chassis made by Jaguar Racing, before they became Red Bull Racing in 2005. The car designed by Rob Taylor with Ben Agathangelou  as the head of aerodynamics, was driven my Mark Webber and rookie Christian Klien. Jaguar finished seventh in their final Constructors’ Championship, with 10 points, 9 of which were scored by Webber. But the most unusual feature with the R5 was not its racing performance, nor the design. In 2004 Monaco Grand Prix the R5 raced with Ocean 12 livery carrying the names of Hollywood stars starring in the movie. As part of a sponsorship deal, the movie’s promoters and the team made the absolutely baffling joint decision to run the two Jaguar F1 cars that race with a  diamond set into the front nose of each car.  The diamonds estimated in $300,000 each, supplied by diamond trader Steinmetz. The diamond on the Webber’s car went throughout the race unscathed, while the precious stone on Klien’s R5 mystically disappeared after the Austrian crashed at the Loews corner on the very first lap of the race. Jaguar team officials weren’t allowed on the track until two hours after the race due to safety regulations. When the car was checked after the race, the diamond was not found. What happened with to it remains a complete mystery. Most likely it was picked up by a lucky track marshal or embedded in a scrapped tyre, never to be found.

2004F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Mark Webber14Jaguar Racing
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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