The Eagle Mk1, also referred to as the Eagle T1G, designed by Len Terry for Dan Gurney’s Anglo American Racers team, was the first F1 car by Eagle. The car made its race debut at the 1966 Belgian Grand Prix, and was used by various entrants until 1969. Gurney himself acted as main team’s driver achieving two 5th positions in 1966 World Championship Grand Prixs (at Reims and Mexico City). American Bob Bondurant drove the second Eagle car in two final rounds of the Championship held in North America. At Watkins Glen he drove Climax-powered Mk1 and was disqualified for the outside assistance, while at Mexico City in his last F1 race Bob retired in Weslake-powered car.

1966F1WCMexican GP
Driver No.Entrant
Bob Bondurant16Anglo American Racers
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity