Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1966, Fabbri Ferrari F1 Collection, Ferrari, IXO, Lorenzo Bandini

1966 Ferrari 246 F1-66 Bandini

The 1966 season was the first of the ‘3 litre formula’, which saw maximum engine capacity doubled from the previous season. Following new rules Ferrari prepared new Tipo 312 F1 powered by the 3 litre V-12 (hence 312) engine. In addition, Ferrari used Tipo 246 fitted with old 2.4-litre six-cylinder engine in the beginning of the season, as well as, occasionally in couple of other races during the season. The car type designation was the same as for 1958 model referring to its engine capacity and number of cylinders, but it was completely different rear-engined car. Lorenzo Bandini drove the 246 F1-66 in Monaco and Belgium, achieving podium finishes (2nd and 3rd places) in both races.

1966F1WCMonaco GP
Driver No.Entrant
Lorenzo Bandini16Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43IXOFabbri Ferrari F1 Collection
Cat. No.QualityRarity
No. 32

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