Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1968, Brabham, Dave Charlton, Spark

1968 Brabham BT11 Charlton

Brabham BT11 designed by Ron Tauranac and built in 1964 by Motor Racing Developments was a typical 1.5-Litre F1 car constructed using steel tubular spaceframe and powered by usual Coventry Climax FWMV 1.5 V8. The car, powered by Climax, BRM or Repco engines, was used by many privateers until the 1968. The final appearance of the BT11 in the World Championship race is dated to 1968 South African Grand Prix. Two locals, Jackie Pretorius and Dave Charlton, drove the BT11 cars. Team Pretoria entered Climax-powered vehicle for Pretorius, and Scuderia Scribante’s entry for Charlton used Repco620 V6 engine. The Scuderia was co-founded by South African driver Neville Lederle and Aldo Scribante, an Italian immigrant who owned a construction company in Johannesburg. The team entered cars in the South African Grand Prix in 1962 – 1975 – first to Lederle, and then to Charlton.

1968F1WCSouth African GP
Driver No.Entrant
Dave Charlton22Scuderia Scribante
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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