Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1967, Brabham, Jack Brabham, Spark

1967 Brabham BT24 Brabham

The Brabham car for the 1967 season was designed by Ron Tauranac based on previous season winning BT20 and Formula 2 light and compact BT23. The car had fibreglass body on tubular steel space frame chassis – Tauranac still preferred space frame while other Formula One designers shifted to monococque chassis. The power was provided by entirely new Repco 740 engine. The car appeared at Dutch Grand Prix, while first three races of the Championship Jack Brabham and Denny Hulme have started шn BT20. Jack Brabham  won in BT24  two Grand Prix in France and Canada and took the second position in the Drivers’ Champoinship, 5 points behind his teammate Denny Hulme. As to New Zealander, he won in Monaco and Germany and took the Championship due to his greater consistency throughout  the whole season. During the practice for the Italian Grand Prix Brabham tried a streamlined semi-closed transparent hood in front of the driver’s head (the design first time used in F2 Protos car by Brian Hart in the 1967 German Grand Prix), but returned to traditional outfit for the race.

1967F1WCItalian GP practice
Driver No.Entrant
Jack Brabham16Brabham Racing Organisation
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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