Swiss-Italian  successful motor trader and property entrepreneur Georges Filipinetti founded the Suisse National Team to support young former racing motorcyclist Jo Siffert, then making his name on four wheels in a Formula Junior Lotus cars. Filipinetti was former amateur racer in 1930s, a member of the Ecurie Genevoise campaigning Maseratis. His wife Madame Filipinetti, the German-born Marhe Armleder, was the former wife of Swiss racing driver Ciro Basadonna. New private team entered Lotus 21 car for Siffert for the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix, but young driver did not qualified in his first F1 attempt. The Automobile Club de Suisse protested as no such private team should claim ‘national’ stature. Filipinetti was forced to rename the team as Scuderia Filipinetti, and in the 1961 Belgian Grand Prix Siffert finished his first F1 race 10th under the new banner. Scuderia continued to race in F1 in the next season, moving then to Le Mans and other sports car racing. The team competed until Filpinetti’s death in 1973, with such drivers as Jim Clark, Phil Hill, Vic Elford, Masten Gregory, Henri Pescarolo, Ronnie Peterson, Ludovico Scatioffi, Peter Sutcliffe, Peter Westbury, Jonathan Williams, Reine Wisell, Jean-Louis Lafosse and Jacques Coulon.

1962F1WCBelgian GP
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Josef Siffert22Scuderia Filipinetti
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