Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1957, Brumm, Stirling Moss, Vanwall

1957 Vanwall VW4 Moss

Tony Vandervell’s Vanwall was one of the major contenders in Grand Prix racing in 1955-58. Thirteen chassis were built by the factory in 1954-60 designated as ‘VW1” to ‘VW14’ (there being no ‘VW13′), but they had no official model index. The VW1 to VW4 were built in 1955 and were used in 1955-56. In 1957 the team assembled 6 more cars (VW5-VW10) which now had coil spring rear suspension. In 1957 F1 season Stirling Moss won British GP in VW4 (sharing the car with Tony Brooks), and Pescara and Italian Grand Prix driving VW5, and was second in the Drivers’ Championship standing. The model by Spark is from Stirling Moss 1929-2020 commemorative edition / 722 issued by Brumm in 2020. The model representing Moss car from the British Grand Prix is designated as VW1, however according to Vanwall chassis log ( Moss drove VW4 car  at Aintree.

1957F1WCBritish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Stirling Moss18Vandervell Products
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43BrummStirling Moss 1929-2020 Commemorative Edition
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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