Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1958, BRM, Harry Schell, K&R Replicas

1958 BRM P25 Schell

The Type 25 was BRM’s second car after Type 15 V16 designed in 1950. The P25 began racing in non-championship events in September 1955, and was used by works team until beginning of the 1960 season.  The car designed by Tony Rudd used an extremely oversquare (4.05 x 2.95 in, 102.87 x 74.93 mm) 2.5 L atmospheric four-cylinder engine designed by Stewart Tresilian. The P25 was initially unsuccessful, not winning a race until a victory at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1959. In the 1958 season Owen Racing Organization first time competed full F1 season, with Harry Schell and Jean Behra as works drivers. Schell achieved 2nd place at the Dutch Grand Prix as his best of the season and finished the Driver’s Championship 5th with 14 points. Behra was 10th with 9 points, and BRM was 4th behind Vanwall,  Ferrari and Cooper in the inaugural International Cup for F1 Manufacturers.

1958F1WCDutch GP
Driver No.Entrant
Harry Schell15Owen Racing Organisation
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43K&R Replicas
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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