Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1990, Gregor Foitek, Onyx Grand Prix, Tameo Kits

1990 Onyx ORE-1B Foitek

The ORE-1B, the car raced by Onyx Formula One team in the 1990 season, was the slightly modified version of the ORE-1 from 1989. For 1990 the team retained JJ Lehto and opted to go with Gregor Foitek, son of part-owner Karl Foitek, in the second car. Foitek was contracted to Brabham for two races so Johansson was kept for the opening two rounds where the team arrived with last year’s ORE-1. Updated ORE-1B debuted at San Marino, where Foitek finally replaced Johansson. At Monaco Foitek was running in 6th position at a late stage in the race when he collided with Éric Bernard’s Larrousse, resulting in him being classified 7th, a result that would be Onyx’s best finish of the season. In the mid-season part-owner Karl Foitek withdrew his money and barred his son from driving a car that he now felt was dangerous. With finances already a huge problem, Foitek’s withdrawal was the final straw and the team would ultimately not see out the championship, wrapping up operations at the Hungarian Grand Prix. As to Gregor Foitek, he later made two CART starts for Foyt Enterprises in 1992 and then disappeared from motor racing scene.

1990F1WCBritish GP
Driver No.Entrant
Gregor Foitek35Monteverdi Onyx Formula One
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Tameo Kits
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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