Grand Prix History in Scale Models

1990, Johnny Herbert, Lotus, Spark

1990 Lotus 102 Herbert

Designed by Frank Dernie and Mike Coughlan, Lotus 102 featured carbon-fibre monocoque and double wishbone suspension at all four corners. The car was powered by Lamborghini V12 engine designed by former Ferrari engineer Mauro Forghieri with backing from parent-company Chrysler. It was constructed from light alloys and incorporated twin overhead camshaft heads complete with four valves per cylinder. Lamborghini V12 produced around 625 bhp in its first year in 1989, which was increased to 640 at a startling 13,000 rpm for 1990. Lined up to drive the Lotus 102 Lamborghini were Derek Warwick and Martin Donnelly, who replaced Nelson Piquet and Satoru Nakajima. Warwick scored 3 points that season for 5th place in Canada and 6th in Hungary.  During the 1990 Spanish Grand Prix at Jerez, Donnelly had a horrific crash during Friday practice when he left the circuit in the fast right hand turn behind the pits and the car hit the barriers at speed. Donnelly, who ended up laying in the middle of the track, received serious injuries that took months of recover. After Donnelly’s career ending crash at Jerez, he was replaced for the final two races in Japan and Australia by British driver Johnny Herbert.

1990F1WCJapanese GP
Driver No.Entrant
Johnny Herbert12Camel Team Lotus
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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