Grand Prix History in Scale Models

2013, Eligor, Olivier Bouzige, Renault, Truck Racing

2013 Renault Premium Sport Bouzige

Along with the European Truck Racing Championship, two most popular national series are held in Great Britain and France. British Truck Racing Championship  was founded even one year ahead of the European – in 1984. In France first truck race was held in 1981 at Le Mans, and the national championship, Coupe de France Camions, was created few years later.

In the 2013 season Coupe de France Camions included five rounds – Grand Prix Camions d’Alès,  Grand Prix Camions de Nogaro,  Grand Prix de Magny-Cours, Grand Prix Camions de Charade and 24 Heures Camions au Le Mans. German Steffie Halm started in the French truck championship in 2012 and won the championship title with the MAN truck of the Lion Truck Racing team. She was able to repeat this success in the following season beating French veteran Noël Crozier and talented Thomas Robineau.

One of the teams participated in the 2013 French Championship was Team RTA Motors Sports sponsored by Hydroparts Assistance, a French network specialized in tail lifts repair. The team raced Renault Premium Sport truck for French driver Olivier Bouzige. Bouzige was regular participant of the French truck races in the 2000s – 2010s with Mack and Renault trucks, and occasionally started in the ETRC events. He finished 11th in the 2013 Coupe de France Camions.

2013Coupe de France Camions
Driver No.Entrant
Olivier Bouzige17Team RTA Motors Sports
Scale ManufacturerCollection
Cat. No.QualityRarity

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