New rules introduced in 1981 CART season dictated that naturally aspirated Chevrolet and Cosworth engines would have to replace the newly outlawed turbocharged powerplants previously allowed. In 1981 Dan Gurney turned the All American Racers on it’s head with this radical design Eagle powered by a stock block Chevy engine. The car, sponsored by Pepsi Challenger, was raced by Mike Mosley and Geoff Brabham replacing Mosley at Riverside and Mexico City. Mosley qualified the car second at Indianapolis, but dropped out early. Two weeks later, however, after being added to the back of the field as a promotor’s option at Milwaukee, Mosley raced to the front to take the win in what would turn out to be the last win for a Dan Gurney Eagle in open wheel competition. Geoff Brabham, the oldest son of three-time Formula One World Champion Jack Brabham, finished 19th at Riverside and 9th in Mexico.

The 1981 Eagle Pepsi Challenger and White Castle models were produced by American Automodello brand in limited tribute edition.

Driver No.Entrant
Mike Mosley / Geoff Brabham 48All American Racers
ChassisEngineCar Name
Eagle ’81ChevroletPepsi Challenger
Scale ManufacturerCollection
1:43Automodello1981 Eagle Tribute Edition
Cat. No.QualityRarity
140 out of 148 pcs. Limited Edition