French-American Arthur Duray was the first man to drive at more than 80 miles an hour, when the veteran professional driver covered the flying kilometer in 26.8 seconds at Ostende Belgium on 17 July 1903, setting a new speed record of 83.47 mph (134.3 km/h) in his Gobron Brillie. The speed trials were the part of Ostende Automobile Meeting week, which included also racing and touring cars races.

Gobron-Brillie was an early French automobile manufactured from 1898 to 1930. The  company, Societé des Moteurs Gobron-Brillié, was founded by the French engineer, Eugène Brillie, and industrialist, Gustave Gobron, in Boulogne-sur-Seine, near Paris, in 1898. The 1903 Gobron-Brillie racing car was powered with 4 cylinder (2 pistons per cylinder) 13.5 litres capacity alcohol-burning engine developing 110 hp. Works drivers Louis Rigolly and Arthur Duray raced this car in main events of the year  – Madrid and Circuit des Ardennes – but never finished.

1903GP / Speed Record TrialsOstende Automobile Meeting
Driver No.Entrant
Arthur Duray80Ste Gobron-Brillie
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1:43Touchwood Models
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