In 1904 Gobron-Brillie continued to use its 1903 Paris – Madrid heavy racecar still driven by Louis Rigolly and Arthur Duray. The body of the car was modified with more aerodynamic V-shape nose, however the motor remained the same –  4 cylinder (2 pistons per cylinder) 13.5 litres capacity engine developing 110 hp. Both Rigolly and Duray did not finished in the French eliminations for the I Gordon-Bennett Cup in May, and Rigolly was 4th in Circuit des Ardennes race in July. Meanwhile Gobron-Brillie was more successful in short speed trials. First during annual Nice Speed Meeting in April Louis Rigolly clocked 94.78 mph (152.53 km/h) along the Promenade des Anglais and the world speed record belonged to the unconventional Gobron-Brillié once more. Baron Pierre de Caters in Mercedes Simplex 90 hp beat the record on 25 May 1904 at Ostend recording 156.5 km/h over a flying kilometer. On July 21 1904 during annual Ostend Meeting Louis Rigolly gave the Gobron-Brillie marque its final chapter in this story when he covered a flying kilometer at 103.561 mph (166.665 km/h) He covered a flying kilometer in 21.6 seconds on the same stretch of road in Ostend that had played host to de Caters record attempt.

1904GP / Speed Record TrialsOstende Automobile Meeting
Driver No.Entrant
Louis Rigolly24Ste Gobron-Brillie
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1:43Touchwood Models
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Factory built kit